Hey there, I’m Alex Caldwell the Creative Director at Braithwaite Communications.


Branding & Web Design


Repositioning a Fin-tech business for agile growth.

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Branding & Web Design

MLS Players Association

Rebranding a major sports organization and launching a new website to drive engagement.

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Branding & Web Design

Bluegrass Ingredients

Rebranding an industry leading food manufacturer to reposition them as an agile and innovative company.

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Rock to the Future

Rebranding a music education non-profit to amplify their message.

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Branding & Web Design

Christina Seix Academy

Rebranding a non-profit charter school to reflect their core values.

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Hey there, thanks for visiting. I'm Alex Caldwell. I'm currently the Creative Director at Braithwaite Communications, a strategic communications firm in Philadelphia, PA. Prior to Braithwaite, I worked at Brolik honing my skills as a graphic and web designer.

My passions have always been rooted in creating brands that not only resonate with audiences but also reinforce and drive business goals. My mind is naturally driven towards efficiency and thoughtful solutions to complex problems. My life mantra is to make the world better, and I strive to do that everyday through my work and personal life.

I live in Philadelphia, PA with my girlfriend and our sphynx.

Contact me at AlexCaldwell723@gmail.com


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